Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Origins of Faithbooking

Where did faithbooking originate?

I've been researching the topic of Faithbooking and I believe the term "faithbooking" originated from Rhonda Anderson, co-founder of Creative Memories and co-author of Creative Memories Way. In an article, she wrote: "I began doing what I call "faithbooking" — creating a photo album specifically with the stories of miraculous moments in my life. We are in essence recording history and helping ourselves remember the memorable times God has intervened, reached out and changed our lives. Now, as my family and I look at our faithbook albums, our faith grows as never before." To read this article, visit http://www.family.org/focusoverfifty/lifewise/a0022748.html
how do you incorporate your faith into your scrapbooking? Really, the ideas are limitless...

Church Life
Regular events at church:
•Sunday School
•Vacation Bible School
•Church Camps
•Outreach events
•Special dinners
•Dedications, Baptisms
•Your Pastor
•Your church (the building)
•Church Missionaries
•Your closest church friends?
Church Traditions
Looking at why you do these things:
•First Communion, Confirmation
•Priestly garb
•Order of Service
My Personal Faith
Recording your personal beliefs and struggles:
•How did you become a Christian? Your personal testimony
•My typical Quiet Time - how I get alone with God
•My favourite Bible passage or verse
•My favourite Bible character
•My favourite hymn or song
•My favourite spiritual book/author
•Spiritual retreats
•Ministry opportunities - What ministries are you regularly involved in?
•Your spiritual "parent" - a page about the person who led you to the Lord
•What are your spiritual gifts or talents?
•What are you thankful for?
•What are your biggest struggles in life?
•What do you hope your children will learn from your life?
•How do you see God in nature?
•Who do you pray for?
•What is your favourite Christian holiday, holy day, festival or celebration?
•Who is your "angel"?
•Your baptism
•Your life verse
Family Life
•My childhood - What was your family's spiritual gauge?
•My childhood church
•How do you keep Christ in Christmas in your family?
•How do you keep Christ in Easter in your family?
•What are your parents' testimonies?
•What are your grandparents' testimonies?
•What is your spouse's testimony?
•How did your children come to know Christ as their personal saviour?
•What other celebrations or holy days do you celebrate and how do you celebrate them?

Scrapbooking and Personal Bible Study
You can use your scrapbooking as a way to enhance your own personal Bible study by creating an album about what you are learning. Here are some ideas:
•The Attributes of God
•ABC Bible story/character book (This is really good to do with kids! A is for Adam, D is for Daniel, and so on.)
•The Fruit of the Spirit
•ABC Bible Verses (Select a word that comes to mind for each letter and use a corresponding Bible verse.)
•Proverbs 31

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Notes On Faithbooking

More on Faithbooking

I have been doing some researching trying to learn more about faithbooking. I have ran across several sites expressing their opinion on what faithbooking is and is not. Here is what I found:

*A means to express our faith. A journey of faith
*Ability to capture life's lessons that God teaches us.
*To remember God's faithfullness and presence in our daily lives.
*An eternal legacy for our children
*A witnessing tool
*An incredible, permanent reminder of our God Moments and His hand in our lives.
*Obedience to God’s command to remember what he has done for us. (Ps. 78:4)
*Scripture, Thoughts, Prayers, Blessings, Memories, Letters and Stories combined with our photographs to always remember our personal, spiritual journey with the Lord.

Many of the above were found at www.LisaWhelchel.com

What is Faithbooking?

Faithbooking is making an intentional effort in recording what the Lord is working out and actively doing in your life and the lives of those around you - in your scrapbooking albums.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fingerprints To God

fingerprints for God
I found this online at the CM site. Enjoy and I hope it helps you with your album.

Find your 10 Fingerprints
Your life is brimming with stories, and this process will help you find what we call the “fingerprints of God.” So what are these fingerprints? They are important events that may have seemed insignificant at the time, but turned out to be pivotal in setting the direction of your life. Follow the steps below to help identify your fingerprints:

Answer the 10 Questions
These questions will help you think chronologically about your life and how your faith has grown and developed. As you read each question, jot down a few thoughts on index cards or on the computer.
1.What was religion/faith like in your childhood home? Was church going or other faith-based events part of your life? Did anything memorable (good or bad) happen as a child/teen, and how did your faith in the Lord play a part in it?
2.Who most influenced your beliefs? How did family, friends, teachers, school (i.e., parents, grandparents, relatives, pastors, youth group leaders, etc) affect your beliefs?
3.How did you come to know Jesus Christ as your Savior? Did you have a re-dedication of your life? What other significant experiences have you had when you felt the Lord moving you closer to Him?
4.How did you see the Lord leading, protecting and guiding you through your dating experiences? If you are married, how did you meet your spouse? How has the Lord grown your faith through your marriage victories and struggles? Are you re-married? What happened? If you are single or single again? What significance does the Lord’s presence have in your life?
5.If you are a parent, or if you interact with children on a regular basis, how has your faith been affected by them? Have you adopted a child? How did the Lord lead you in that process?
6.How did you start on the path that led you to the career path you are on today? How did the Lord use circumstances, people, etc., to get you here? How has your faith affected the people with whom you work? Have you been on a mission trip? How did that affect you?
7.What faith lessons have you learned through an adversity? Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom and, by God’s grace, you bounced back? Has the Lord “bailed you out” of a mistake?
8.How has music or other forms of artistic expression influenced your faith? Do you have favorite songs or hymns? Perhaps you’ve been influenced by sacred dance, beautiful art, drama, Christian radio, certain music groups, etc. What happened to encourage or convict you?
9.What scripture verses have been especially meaningful in your life? Do you have a favorite scripture(s)? Why is this passage meaningful? How has the Lord used His word in your life?
10.How has the Lord provided for your needs or answered a specific prayer? How has He healed you or sustained (protected) you physically or emotionally?

Journal your memories
With your thoughts and photos organized, write down more detailed accounts of your faith memories and the impact they had on your life.

Look at your pictures
Now look through your photo albums to find pictures that go with each question. Your photos may spark new memories and new answers to some of the 10 Questions.

When you have completed these steps, click Choose Your Album Style on the right navigation bar.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hot Cocoa Sweet Treats

I found these online at one of the Cricut MB members websites. It was such a cute Idea. I'd love to do this one day for my marriage ministry. Be blessed everyone!